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The role and responsibilities of the Department of Medical Education revolve around planning, implementation and supervision of the educational process and research methodology involved in medical studies to bring about strategic improvement in the performance of Undergraduates, Postgraduates and even the faculty of Era’s Lucknow Medical College and Hospital. The prime objective of the department is to enrich and implement the "Competency Based Medical Education" as per MCI norms for global standards.

In addition to the basic structured semester wise curriculum development of theoretical components and implementation of practical skills, their assessments are also one of the focused activities of the Department of Medical Education. Utilization of innovative teaching tools and evaluation of their effectiveness is done undertaken by the department. The educational tools such as 3D Anatomy Models in Anatomy Museum, Manikins in Skill Lab, Medical Education Video Games, 3D Animations and Clinical Skills Evaluation Software are all being used to help U.G. & P.G. students enhance their learning abilities and enrich their learning experiences in the most immersive of ways.

Focused Orientation for PGs and UGs
Programs which run under the Department of Medical Education are enlisted below:

  • UG Introduction Orientation Program
  • Internship Orientation Program
  • PG Introduction Orientation Program
  • PG Orientation Program

Thesis Presentation Program & Schedule
An updated information of literature search, research methodology and statistics for data handling are the important topics for Thesis Protocol and Thesis Writing.
Further, a six monthly review of thesis program with the panel of P.G. Committee of all the junior residents ensures systematically organized work plans of the students.

Thesis programs that run are:

  • Workshop on Thesis Protocol Writing for JR - 1
  • Thesis Protocol Presentation JR - 1
  • Six monthly Thesis Progress Presentation JR - 2
  • Workshop on How to Write Thesis JR - 3
  • Progress + Final six monthly Thesis Presentation JR - 3

CMEs, Conferences, Workshops and Guest Lectures Organized by the Department

  • Revised Basic Course Workshop – Workshop – 21st – 23rd Feb, 2017
  • Competency Base Medical Education by invited guest – CME – 14th Jul, 2017
  • Half Day CME in Medical Education for in-house faculty  – CME
  • Clerkship Lecture for newly joined P.G.s – Guest Lecture – 8th Jul, 2017

Other Activities of the Department

We organize skill training program for UG as well as PG students, which addresses several essential skills such as IV injection / IM injection, Lumber Puncture, BLS, Nasogastric Intubation etc.

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